Healthy, Chef-Prepared Meals

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Real Eats

Inspired by the classic French sous-vide technique to preserve flavor and freshness

Based on years of research, our innovative water-based preparation method delivers fresh, delicious dinners that can be ready in minutes with no chopping, no frying, and no microwaves.

How It Works

Chef Hat

Chefs Cook It

Delivery Box

We Deliver It

Food Heating

You Heat It

Food Plate

You Enjoy It

Our Goal: Real food, made simple.

High Protein High Protein
Calories Less than 800 calories per meal
Responsibly sourced Responsibly sourced
No cruelty NO cruelty
Never frozen NEVER frozen, NEVER processed

This Week’s Menu

Our menus are designed by chefs.

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No Mess, No Waste

We use minimal packaging and everything is BPA-free, phthalate-free, and 100% recyclable in regular facilities. Just empty, rinse, and recycle.

No Mess, No Waste