Chili Sourced Straight from Upstate

Chili Sourced Straight from Upstate

It’s football season. And that means it’s chili season. You know the scene. It’s Sunday. It’s cold. And let’s be honest, it’s just more cozy to sip your favorite fall beverage from your comfy chair when your belly is happy and full.

What if we told you that you can have your bowl of 6-hour chili in 6 minutes? And what if we told you that this miracle chili is full ofreal food – not a slew of stuff you can’t pronounce?

Our Slow-Cooked Beef Chili with Black Beans, Lime Creme Fraiche & Mango Salsa comes straight from upstate.

The all-natural grass-fed beef in this badass chili is from Autumn’s Harvest Farms in Romulus, NY, 20 minutes from the RealEats kitchen. They’re a family-friendly farm that prides themselves on their commitment to “go beyond organic” with a farming philosophy focused on being “caretakers of creation who shy away from the practices followed by factory confinement farms.”

The farmers at Autumn’s Harvest are committed to providing the animals at their farm with a healthy and enjoyable life that is free from growth hormones and steroids. All of the animals on their farm are rotated to fresh grazing areas every day and you can even stop by the farm to visit the animals.

It’s more than just beef that comes from Upstate New York farmers. All RealEats ingredients are always responsibly sourced. They’re never processed, never frozen, and they never contain GMO’s. Whenever possible, RealEats sources from local farmers like the ones at Autumn’s Harvest to enrich the meals we ship to your door. The crushed tomatoes, jalapeño peppers and poblano peppers in our fan-favorite chili are also locally sourced and organic from farmers close by.

What else is in this bag of beefy goodness? Japanese Kombu. Kombu is a rising star in culinary ingredients, utilized by chefs for its high dietary fiber content, low caloric value and its ability to enhance flavors in the recipe. Pair that superstar with the tangy, Vitamin C-rich mango salsa and lime creme fraiche and boom – you may never look at other chilis the same way again.

Change up your typical meal routine. Say yes to real food, from real farmers. And realize that real food can be faster and better than your same-old Sunday crockpot mess. Say hello to your new go-to.

RealEats is changing the game when it comes to delicious and nutritious meals. And don’t worry – if you don’t wash your lucky game socks 10 weeks in a row so your team keeps winning, we won’t tell. Who knows – maybe your team will only win if you do eat our chili. Guess there’s only one way to find out… (#gobills!)

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