Featured Farm: Autumn’s Harvest Family Farm is Built on Strong Values

Imagine having your beef and eggs come fresh from a sustainable farm just 20 minutes away from your kitchen. That’s how it is at RealEats because of suppliers like Autumn’s Harvest Family Farm.

Now imagine animals being raised with organic farming practices that ensure you receive the highest quality all natural meats and eggs. These farming practices go far beyond a life free from growth hormones and steroids.

Featured Farm: Autumn’s Harvest Family Farm is Built on Strong Values

“You can come and see the animals are well taken care of, healthy and allowed to follow their natural habits,” says Tim and Sara Hawes, who work the farm with their family.

Our chefs at RealEats use locally sourced meat and eggs to create fresher, higher quality, and more nutrient-dense meals. Some of the added benefits from collaborating with Autumn’s Harvest Family Farm are supporting the local community and being more environmentally-friendly.

RealEats and the Autumn’s Harvest Family Farm share two common values.

First, both are committed to providing consumers with the freshest and highest quality products available. You can hear the pride just by talking to the people in both operations.

Second, both consider themselves as “caretakers of creation,” as the Hawes put it. For RealEats, this translates into using creativity in meal preparation to help its customers take care of their health while delighting their palates. For Autumn’s Harvest Family Farm, the focus is being compassionate caretakers of the animals they are raising and the land that is their home.

The Hawkes accomplish their mission in a variety of ways. Their chickens roam free as opposed to factory confinement farms and their cattle are rotated to fresh grazing areas daily. This is important because it allows the animals to naturally receive vitamin B from pasture grass. This type of grazing also provides the cattle with a natural antibiotic, which lowers the use of medications.

Being out in the fresh air allows the cattle and chickens to get exercise that assists in digestion, blood flow and reduces stress. What is the implication for you? According to the USDA, grass-based farming results in meat with less saturated fat and higher vitamin content and eggs that are lower in cholesterol. And, of course, grass-based farming is environmentally friendly so you can feel great about helping steward the land.

Autumn’s Harvest Family Farm and RealEats both know that producing the best products means living your values. Together they are improving life through sustainable farming and cooking practices.

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