FLCC Students Get a Taste of RealEats Meals

FLCC Students Get a Taste of RealEats Meals

In a kitchen tour with Finger Lakes Community College (FLCC) culinary students, RealEats Meals Chef Marco Ballatori had a story to tell that differed from their typical restaurant visits.

“So much of what we do comes from buying the best ingredients possible.” Chef Ballatori explained. “We have the privilege of cooking real food for our customers. And we’re able to control the quality of every meal that ships out of here.”

Real food from RealEats is an attractive option for FLCC students getting ready to enter the local culinary workforce. The company is getting ready to embark on an expansion of the business that will more than double the kitchen and production space for the Geneva, NY-based operation.

Chef Ballatori proudly shares that “we’re able to support farmers who grow the ingredients for us right here in the Finger Lakes region.” He went on to emphasize the cyclical benefits of a local-focused company like RealEats. “We’re able to make a big impact for the people who live and work here – like these FLCC students. Our future success is tied to their future success.”

Jamie C. Rotter, Program Coordinator for the Culinary Arts program at FLCC was pleased to show his students an option for growing their culinary career with RealEats.

“We enjoyed the visit. I think the students would be interested in pursuing opportunities working for RealEats.”

Rotter went on to say “I’ll tell you what – I’m going to try it. I’m going to send it to my dad. The service was more affordable than I thought it would be and it makes me feel good to know that I can send my dad good and nutritious meals four times a week.”

Rotter also had the opportunity to see two recent graduates of the FLCC culinary program on Chef Ballatori’s team. One is Paul Feissner, who has been a trusted and valued associate of Chef Ballatori’s for four years. The duo met while Feissner was still a culinary student in the FLCC program. He now commutes from Cortland to work with the Chef that gave him his start.

The close-knit team at RealEats enjoys a kitchen culture that is highly uncommon in the industry, and it’s one Chef Ballatori and RealEats founder Dan Wise are proud to stand behind.

“Every day around 4pm in every household across the country, Americans have to make a decision between healthy and easy. We call this the dinner dilemma. RealEats solves the dinner dilemma by actually making healthy easy. It’s exciting to see our customers benefit from this, and also for students to get a sense as to how they could make a difference by choosing RealEats as a place to begin their career.” Wise said.

There’s no question that the anticipated growth of RealEats will be significant for the Finger Lakes community. RealEats expects to employ hundreds of people and become one of the largest employers in Geneva. Wise adds that “We’re fortunate to have found Geneva as an ideal place to grow RealEats. Without our close proximity to dedicated farmers and talented culinarians, RealEats wouldn’t be where it is today.”

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