Getting Real on Ingredients: Chicken

Getting Real on Ingredients: Chicken

RealEats is a healthy prepared meal delivery service, created to make eating real food simple. Unlike meal kits, RealEats fully prepares the meals for you, requiring no cooking, prep, or cleanup. And, we don’t pack our meals full of junk and preservatives like other fast foods. We take our ingredients seriously.

Ready in 6 minutes or less, you can have healthy meals at the table made with fresh, seasonal, and never-processed ingredients.

This month, chicken takes the spotlight. A great source of lean protein, Vitamin B6, niacin, Vitamin K and naturally delicious- there is a reason that they say all good things “tastes just like chicken.” And even better: The chicken used in RealEats meals is antibiotic-free and hormone-free organic chicken!

Lean Protein

Chicken is a low fat protein. Protein helps with muscle growth, supports a healthy body weight, and can even help with weight loss. In fact, 1 cup chicken or about 4.4 ounces has only 242 calories yet 43 grams of protein! And research has shown that protein can help to suppress appetite, therefore helping to control hunger (our Green Goddess Chicken packs a whopping 42 grams of hunger satiating protein).  

Vitamin B6

More than just a great source of lean protein, chicken is brimming with Vitamin B6 (0.8 mg per 1 cup or 42% of your daily value). B6 helps the body to maintain a healthy nervous system, provides energy from the food that we eat, and balances blood sugar levels. It also can serve as a natural mood booster!


Niacin, aka Vitamin B3, is a health hero for treating a variety of issues: It lowers LDL cholesterol (the bad one), raises HDL cholesterol (the good one!), may help prevent heart disease and help treat Type 1 diabetes, boosts brain and skins functions, and may reduce the symptoms of arthritis. 

Vitamin K

Chicken will also make you beautiful (really!). It is full of Vitamin K, which is great to help maintain bone health, blood clotting, and alleviate undereye circles and other skin issues like scars, bruises, and spider veins. In fact, our Roast Chicken has 520% of your daily value of Vitamin K! Looks like we’ll be adding chicken to our beauty routine.Make sure to add these nutritious chicken Best Sellers – Green Goddess ChickenRoast Chicken, and Moroccan Chicken – to your Meal Planner this week!

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