“In-Between” the Seasons Wine Pairings

"In-Between" the Seasons Wine Pairings

The weather between winter and spring can be totally bipolar: One day it’s sunny with highs in the 70s, the next it’s full-on blizzard. One moment it’s perfect for rosé, and then we swing right back into big bold and cozy reds. So, what should we drink when it’s not quite spring, but winter isn’t over just yet?

When dinner is ready in 6 minutes, you have more time to think about the wine with which you enjoy it. Here are our top red, rosé, and white wine picks this month for those in-between seasons. And, we threw in our favorite champagne pick too, because an amazing dinner deserves to be celebrated.

Dr. Konstantin Frank Saperavi (2015)

What do you drink when winter just won’t give up? We’ve got a wine for that. This “black wine,” which is actually a deeply colored red, tastes of blackberries, dark fruits, beet, spice, vanilla, and toasty flavors, with a smooth texture and ample acidity. It’s excellent with food and pairs well with fatty meats, fried vegetables, and cheeses. It’ll set you back about $35 and is worth every drop.

Whispering Angel Cotes de Provence Rosé

This juicy rosé is perfect when the temps suddenly swing to summer. It has strawberry, raspberry, lemon and a touch of spice that’s reminiscent of the transition from winter to spring. Grapes come from the surrounding area of La Motte in Provence. It pairs well with seafood, shellfish and citrus fruit laced dishes and your wallet. And, it’s only around $20! 

Rock View Chardonnay Reserve Mendocino

A winter white wine? It’s a thing. Cozy, buttery whites wines like chardonnay are the move. In this case, the less oak-y, the better. Drink it with garlicky foods, chicken, seafood in creamy white sauces, mushroomy pasta, and hot veggie bakes.

Mumm Napa Brut Rosé Champagne

This salmon-colored, medium bodied champagne has winter-y black cherry and strawberry notes of spring. It pairs well with a wide range of cuisines – perfect for not-so-winter, not-so-spring weather: Italian, Thai, fish dishes, and duck.

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