New Vegetarian Meals

New Vegetarian Meals

You asked, we delivered! RealEats now offers 3 new vegetarian meals within our Best Sellers. We are constantly working on special-diet menus, and are excited to share more meat-free options with you. Let us introduce you to our latest vegetarian offerings, now a part of our steady offering:


We’ve taken traditional risotto and added a RealEats twist. We call this traditional Italian dish ‘farrotto’ since it is made with farro, an ancient wheat variety, but cooked in the style of risotto! It’s low in calories, cholesterol, and sodium, but big on flavor. Farro adds a nutty taste and chewy texture to this hearty dish. To make it savory without the meat, we add a touch of Parmesan and dash of white wine for depth. It’s laden with spring vegetables like charred spring onions, asparagus, and English peas, making it an excellent source of Vitamin C and Omega-3’s.  

Sumac Sweet Potatoes

Transport yourself from to the Middle East with seductive Sumac Sweet Potato. Sumac, a spice native to the Middle East, lends an exotic flair and gives hefty roasted sweet potatoes a tangy lemony flavor. This meal, made in the style of a mezze platter, also combines quinoa with cucumbers, tomatoes, and parsley (our protein packed version of tabbouleh, which traditionally uses bulgur). For a creamy yet zingy touch, we added lots of lemon juice and a little jalapeño to our labne, a soft, cream cheese made from strained Greek yogurt. Not only refreshingly delicious, this new Best Seller is an excellent source of of Vitamin K, C, B6, and fiber.

Pasta CaponataSo rich, you’d almost feel guilty indulging in this veggie-rich Pasta Caponata (but you shouldn’t -it’s actually low fat and low cal)! Chef Katy Sparks mixes whole grain pasta with sweet grilled peppers, then tops them with meaty eggplant and creamy ricotta. This Best Seller is an excellent source of Vitamin C and provides 100mg of Omega-3’s.

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