The Best of Spring Produce

The Best of Spring Produce

There’s lots to look forward to when it comes to spring: flowers in bloom, the warming temps, and most of all – fresh spring produce. At RealEats, we use local, organically sourced, and in-season produce whenever possible. Check out some of the RealEats Best Sellers you already love and Featured Menu Selections that use this season’s most delicious offerings:


These long and slender green stalks are the in-season star in our Chicken Fricassee and Red Curry Shrimp by Chef Katy Sparks. They are tender, with earthy undertones, and provide a nice dose of Vitamin B6, which is great for helping to maintain a healthy nervous system. (Side note: said to be good for metabolism!)


Cabbage with barbeque? It feels all kinds of right in our BBQ Brisket with Red Cabbage Slaw and Smashed Potatoes. Dark reddish-purple cabbage gets sweeter as it cooks and lends a deeper flavor to succulent beef brisket. (It’ll have you feeling ripe for summer barbeque season!)


If there was ever a breakout star in spring produce, it’s mushrooms. We love adding mushrooms to dishes for a low cal fiber boost that keeps you satiated for hours. Find it in Chef Lien Lin’s Spiced Duck Noodles (shiitakes, specifically) and Chef Katy Sparks’ Grilled Chicken Breast (which taste like the vegetarian version of bacon here).


These jeweled root vegetables are rich in antioxidants and play along well with a medley of spring vegetables in our Maple Rosemary Turkey, making it taste like Thanksgiving in the springtime.


This Chicken in Mustard Sauce is smoky and seductive with in-season Lacinato kale adding fiber and a megadose of Vitamin K (amazing for bone health).

Snap Peas

Chicken Fricassee and Grilled Chicken Breast, two of our ultimate spring dishes, make another appearance due to its abundance of snap peas. They give these yummy chicken dishes a refreshing sweetness and crunchy texture.


Okay, so lamb is NOT a vegetable but it IS 100% in season. In May and June, lamb is at its most tender, like in our Spring Lamb. Served along with minty mashed English peas, this is one succulent dish you sure won’t want to miss.

Spring Onion

Bright and pungent in flavor, spring onions add a meat-free savoriness to veggie-rich dishes like our Farrotto. We also char them here, for a hint of added smokiness.

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