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Chef Silvia Baldini

Chef Silvia Baldini

Chef Silvia Baldini

Silvia Baldini has a serious sense of humor. This is apparent in her conversation, and her food. She is an Italian spitfire, with a life to match. She is a whirlwind of activity, from her breakfast smoothie filled with turmeric to her dinner filled with the ingredients she loves most. 

Italians bring whole food to a whole new level. Her soups are filled with nourishing kale, and her house is filled with kids running through the living room. Silvia Baldini is the thinking man’s Martha Stewart. She merges her love of cooking with a creative intellect that shows in her work. Her menus are filled with easy DIY, gourmet staples-where kale and squash transcend their humble roots, and are sautéed and roasted to peak flavor. She uses vegetables in a way our mother’s wish they had when we were growing up and didn’t have the knowledge. Home cooking is healthy, and each ingredient serves a purpose-for example, turmeric in her mango smoothie eases inflammation. Ginger soothes the digestion.

She also is a true Renaissance woman. Her first career was as a Madison Avenue Creative Director in Advertising. While she loved to cook, she didn’t actually  go into cooking until she and her husband moved to Europe, where she buckled down and went to the Cordon Bleu. She worked in several Michelin starred kitchens, “fulfilling her dream of yelling “service!”, and ended up in the Ritz Carlton. 

Eventually, back in the states, she started her creative food consultancy/blog “Strawberry and Sage”, and competed on “Chopped”, where she won for her dessert, a sweet dumpling and strawberry concoction based on a classic dish in Italy, which was declared the best dessert on the show.

Photo Credit: Francesco Spaienza

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Chef Silvia Baldini's recipe

Cumin Chicken

Cumin Chicken

w/ Braised Fennel and Mint Spinach Couscous

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