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Holiday Ham

w/ Roasted Brussels Sprouts, Mashed Potatoes and Local Roasted Apples & Sage

While a little googling around yields the answer to the question, “Why do we serve Ham at Christmas?”  (A: an old Norse tradition of eating Wild Boar on Feast Days….) We offer it here because we love the flavors- the smokiness of the ham works wonders with the sweet and spicy mustard glaze and it’s hard to beat a seasonal garnish of Local Roasted Apples and Sage. And these are healthier mashed potatoes too: the lacto fermented buttermilk adds a tangy flavor as well as less fat and more probiotics than just butter and milk. So enjoy!!

Health Benefits

  • Excellent Source of Vitamin K
  • Excellent Source of Thiamin
  • Good Source of Vitamin B6
  • Good Source of Vitamin B12

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