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Maple Rosemary Turkey

w/ Lentils and Roasted Spring Vegetables

Maple brining is a great way to impart flavor and moisture into this lean cage-free bird. Black lentils lend fiber alongside a medley of roasted spring vegetables seasoned with thyme and orange zest. The high Vitamin B content of the dish means an energy boost from this lean and mean combination.


Ingredients: Hormone-free Antibiotic-free Turkey, Lentils, Beets, Turnips, Parsnips, Red Onions, Celery, Carrots, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Radishes, Organic Garlic Clove, Dijon Mustard, Water, Orange Peel (Zest), Organic Parsley, Maple Syrup, Organic Thyme, Kosher Salt, Organic Black Pepper, Organic Rosemary, Lemon Peel or Zest, Organic Coriander Contains: Wheat

Health Benefits

  • Excellent Source-Vitamin B6
  • Good Source-Vitamin B12
  • Low Calorie
  • Low saturated fat
  • 245 mg Omega 3’s

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