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Orecchiette Pasta

w/ Broccoli Rabe, Duck Prosciutto and Farm Egg

Sometimes nothing will satisfy quite like a big bowl of pasta! We like the shapes of the orecchiette that hold onto the sauce, which is mostly the cooking juices from the rabe, some good Extra Virgin olive oil and, of course, great grated cheese (and calcium). The duck prosciutto adds a velvety, salty accent that makes the dish (and adds iron, too).

Ingredients: Whole Wheat Orecchiette Pasta, Broccoli Rabe, Eggs, Scallion or Spring Green Onion, Organic Almonds, Duck Prosciutto, Manchego Cheese, Grana Cheese, Organic Parsley, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Garlic Clove, Organic Orange Peel or Zest, Organic Red Chilli Flakes. Contains: Eggs, Milk, Tree Nuts, Wheat.

Health Benefits

  • Excellent Source-Vitamin K
  • Good Source-Fiber
  • Good Source-Calcium
  • Good Source-Iron
  • Good Source-Riboflavin
  • Low Sodium
  • 222 mg Omega 3’s

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