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Red Snapper Yassa

w/ Onions, Peppers and Fonio

Yassa is a dish that originates in West Africa and features chicken or, here, fish, marinated with onions and lemon. Ours features red snapper and is paired with fonio, a West African millet that's nutty, gluten-free and full of amino acids. We love that this low-fat dish is packed with flavor AND Omega 3's!


Ingredients: Red Snapper, Onions, Fonio (Millet), Red Bell or Sweet Pepper, Cider Vinegar, Lemon Juice, Dijon Mustard, Honey, Garlic Clove, Tamari Sauce, Grass-fed Butter, Habanero Pepper, Canola Oil, Kosher Salt, Lemon Peel or Zest, Scallion or Spring Green Onions, Organic Cilantro, Organic Black Pepper, Organic Parsley, Organic Bay Leaf. Contains: Fish, Milk, Soy

Health Benefits

  • Excellent Source - Vitamin C
  • Excellent Source - Vitamin B12
  • Good Source - Vitamin B6
  • Good Source - Protein
  • Low Cholesterol
  • Low Calorie
  • Low fat
  • Low saturated fat 
  • Low Sodium 
  • Lean 
  • 604 mg Omega 3’s

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