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w/ Chicken Sausage and Roasted Broccoli

This crave-worthy, gluten-free (and dairy-free!) pasta is a take on a classic Puglian dish, Pasta with Broccoli Rabe.  In the U.S., sausage is usually added, and, here, chicken sausage replaces traditional pork sausage.  Nutty, roasted broccoli florets, in lieu of broccoli rabe, round out a healthy, weeknight meal that's high in vitamins C and K. 

Ingredients: Tomato, Gluten Free Pasta, (Organic Rice Flour, Organic Potato Starch, Organic Rice Starch, Organic Soy Flour), Chicken, Broccoli, Red Wine, Cashew Milk (Cashewmilk (Filtered Water, Cashews), Coconut Cream, Tapioca Starch, Gluten-free Oats, Sea Salt), Nutritional Yeast, Water, Organic, Expeller-Pressed Canola Oil (non-GMO), Garlic Clove, Kosher Salt, Organic Sage, Maple Sugar, Coconut Sugar, Organic Ginger, Organic White Pepper, Organic Red Pepper Flakes, Organic Black Pepper. Contains: Tree Nuts, Coconut.

Health Benefits

  • Excellent Source-Vitamin C
  • Excellent Source-Vitamin K
  • Excellent Source-Thiamin
  • Good Source-Fiber 
  • Good Source-Vitamin B6
  • Excellent Source-Vitamin B12
  • Good Source-Protein
  • Low Cholesterol
  • Low Saturated Fat

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