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Burning Man - Chef Kat Turner - RealEats goes to the Playa

  1. Overall, how was the food at yourBurningMan experience?

Eating at Burning Man is a real experience all in itself. At 105+ degrees during the day I found my appetite to be greatly decreased so I would usually start the day with a protein and powdered greens shake with coconut water, then focus on hydration hydration, hydration. Finally, about midafternoon I’d feel hungry enough for a real meal, so if I was roaming around the Playa this could mean anything from tacos to banh mi depending on who was offering what around me. One day our camp grilled 150lbs of tri-tip and another day I helped my friend and chef-partner Haru Kishi prepare a 200-person lunch for the founder’s “first camp” of Burning Man. And of course, in between I was lucky enough to have the RealEats meals to share with my camp as well.

  1. Under the extreme conditions of the playa, how did you enjoy the RealEats food? Was it easy to make

RealEats was a REAL gift! It was so easy to prepare under the conditions and SO satisfying! In the heat and dust the last thing I want to be doing is fussing over a hot stove and trying to prep out fresh ingredients. I told my camp mates that I was going to make lunch and then came out of the kitchen 10 minutes later with a plate of amazing food; they were like… “Wait… that’s it!? It’s ready??” ...I felt like a magician.

  1. How was experience preparing the food? Did it get dusty? ;) 

Fortunately, we had a covered kitchen tent and very few wind storms, so the dust invasion was minimal. But after a couple of days you have to give up and deal with eating dust… it’s a battle you will never win out there! As for cooking that was a cinch! All I needed was a pot of boiling water, and I was even able to save that water and re-use it for additional meals.

  1. Would you use it next year & what other options or additional features would you like to see that are "playa friendly"? 

I would definitely use ReaEats again! Honestly as a whole the service is super playa-friendly! The fact that the bags are recyclable and that you can save and reuse the water for preparation is stellar. The concept of vacuum-sealing and re-heating meals for the playa is a common practice among “burners” but I’m certain that there is no service that's providing meals that are as delicious, let alone as sustainable.

  1. Would you recommend Real Eats as a sustainable / gourmet food option for festival-goers?

Absolutely! Convenience and sustainability paired with delicious and nutritious food? That’s a no-brainer. For camping, glamping, festivals, boating… RealEats provides a restaurant-quality meal that doesn’t take you out of your experience.

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