Chickpeas are da bomb.

Written by Jessa Moore

Chickpeas are found in cuisines all over the world in different incarnations…. in flour, in garbanzo form, as hummus dip…and chickpeas are delicious. They are yummy enough to keep on hand in various forms for vegetarians and non -Vegetarians alike. These little beans are packed with micronutrients, including potassium, folate, magnesium , and B-6, with iron, fiber, and protein. They are versatile-and can be used in dishes in cuisines as diverse as the Middle Eastern Falafel, a sort of fried ball, and the Indian Chana Masala, which is a spicy dish of chickpeas in a sauce, traditionally served with rice. Chickpeas also aid in weight control, because they are filling, and studies have shown that people who have a diet with chickpeas lose weight faster. DID I MENTION THEY TASTE GOOD? I mean, even a chicken nugget eating six year old loves a good hummus.

So…for your snacking pleasure…the easiest recipe in the world for a tasty snack

Try Himalayan Pink Salt Roasted Chickpeas


1 lb dried chickpeas

2 1/2 tbl Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil

Himalayan Pink Salt, which is among the purest in the world

Place chickpeas in a container deep enough to soak in cool water, adding enough water to cover the chickpeas in several inches of water

Leave overnight, or at least 8 hours

In the morning, drain chickpeas, and Pat Dry

Preheat oven to 400 degrees

Toss chickpeas, olive oil, and salt to taste in a bowl, coating the chickpeas

Arrange in a single layer on a cookie sheet

Roast 20-30 minutes while occasionally shaking the pan, and watching the brownness. Take them out when brown, but not burned


Added bonus? These are delicious in a salad