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Consumer trends and the ‘new food world’ of 2025

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Over the next decade, we will see a ‘new food world’ where real food is demanded by more people, according to a prominent industry strategist.

Speaking at a business networking breakfast held in Sydney last week, Chr. Hansen’s Director of Corporate Strategy, Dr Kelli Hayes (pictured top) said the industry can expect to see shifts in the five value drivers (tasty, healthy, convenient, authentic, and safe) consumers will use to make food purchases and choices, as well as ongoing consumer concern over food’s affordability.

“Negotiating these drivers results in people facing difficult dilemmas and contradictions. For example, consumers often find it difficult to find healthy foods that are also safe to eat since the healthiest foods are those that are high in nutrients and contain no chemicals, but such unprocessed, fresh foods tend to be unstable and present a safety risk,” Dr Hayes said.

“Consumers also think it is difficult to find food that is both healthy and convenient since eating healthily requires extra time and energy that people are hard-pressed to find.”

“Providing affordable solutions that...

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