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Written by Jessa Moore

Chef Barret Beyer looks like a tough Long Island kid, with massive tattoos-which he is. And he looks like a bad boy-which he was, long ago. He worked the party circuit in NY, and finance downtown trying to find his niche. From 1998 on, he bounced around between prison and civilian life, and finally woke up in 2006 on life support.

Things needed to change. And they did, after his daughter was born in 2008. He says, simply, “I wanted to be a father she could look up to.” He became sober, and decided to attend culinary school, which he credits with focusing him. He has a past, but talk to him for ten minutes, and he has offered help at least three times. He’s a generous soul who happens to channel his desire to serve through the shorthand of love-food. He has appeared on numerous Food Network shows, and worked as a consultant all over Long Island. After a tumultuous few years, he decided to go to culinary school. Since he became a chef, he has fed first responders at both the Rockaways in NY post Hurricane Sandy, and in Moore, Oklahoma, after a tornado. He uses his appearances on the Food Network as “The Palate Pirate” to bring attention to his chosen Anti-Bullying platform “We’re Kickin’ It” and his favorite breast cancer charity in California “Michelle's Place. A strong believer in making good food accessible, he chooses simple ingredients that anyone can find easily and taste good. He cooks to build bridges between people. Food is love.

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