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How To Make Your Own 2-Ingredient Fruit Leather At Home

Fruit leather teach the key skills of food-drying: patience and observation; and if you make it with fruit at the peak of its season, you won’t believe how much better it is than store bought. When you dry food, you are slowly removing water without browning it, and that makes for a pretty thrilling concentration of flavors. Although a dehydrator can go lower in temperature than an oven (here's's best-selling food dehydrator), by lowering your oven to its lowest setting, you can get to know the process quite well.

This basic recipe will work with any kind of fruit. Many fruit leathers benefit from the addition of a pectin-rich fruit, like apple or banana; it helps craft that tell-tale clingy texture. Fruit leathers also taste best with some serious acidity, which when I made this recipe using figs, meant adding a good zingy burst of lemon juice mixed into the fruit purée...

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