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"I'm A Food Editor, And I Always Have These 5 Ingredients In My Kitchen"

Food Editor Pantry Essentials

As a food editor, it's my job to test the latest food trends and tools. I’ve tried a lot of crazy stuff (pulverized cricket protein powder?). I've learned how to make swaps to accommodate vegan, gluten-free, and paleo eaters. I've tasted practically every cuisine's go-to spices. But when it comes down to it, these five ingredients are my desert-island shopping list. If I have them on hand, I know I can make anything taste great (even bugs).

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I’m Italian by marriage, not blood, but I’m still always gobsmacked when someone doesn’t have access to a clove or two. Garlic is essential to virtually every kind of cuisine, from Asian to Mediterranean, and it’s the easiest way to build a flavor base for a dish. Plus, the stinking rose has natural antibacterial properties. Need to fight a sore throat? Make garlic bread.

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