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Written by Jessa Moore

New Yorkers are spoiled with their food choices. Every cuisine-from Indian to Italian to Ethiopian is available on food delivery apps such as Seamless, this glut of choices helps to keep quality up. Every deli caters to the taste of the Locavore. Meanwhile, several food initiatives in NYC have revitalized Farmer’s Markets, such as the one in Union Square, which has offshoots in Queens, and now Jersey City neighbourhoods, including Journal Square-which is traditionally underserved with quality produce. The farmer’s market program in New York is credited with saving farms that would have died without the support of an ongoing outlet for marketing their produce, which allows farms to cut out distributors and costs. The fans of Farmer’s Markets benefit in several ways:

  1. Supports local farms and agriculture by making the produce and foodstuffs accessible in markets that either have no access or would not hear about it, allowing farmers to cut overhead on shops.
  2. Affordability-Organic produce is better quality, but very expensive in a regular grocery store-buying at a Farmer’s Market is great quality for the dollar.
  3. The product is sustainable-farms who participate in organic or clean farming can sell what they can sustain-often these farmers are able to make a living, and the markets they serve are in their community, and shopping local makes a difference in both food quality, and the food economy. Fifteen years ago, small farms were an endangered species, and the locavore food movement has helped reshape small farm and agriculture financially. 
  4. Taste-food grown locally and with no GMO’s tastes wonderful. The vegetables taste like the essence of the vegetables, unlike those generally found in a supermarket. Seasonality rules, and the flavors are intensified. Think of a ripe juicy tomato from NY eaten off the vine in summer-it is a completely different experience. Delicious.
  5. Health-eating fresh produce is healthy. There is no processing, and the farmer is known to you. You can connect with the food, and know that it isn’t mass produced and modified.

Socially, the Farmer’s Market is a place to see and smell food in it’s purest form. It is an experience to walk along, and ask the vendors about their products. It is a way to educate yourself about food. RealEats brings the Farmer’s Market directly to your table each week.


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