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Sick Of Kale? Here Are 12 Powerhouse Greens To Try Instead—Plus Delicious Ways To Cook Them

Kale also provides antioxidants, which are important because they scavenge free radicals that, left unchecked, can damage our cells. It detoxifies, provides superb support for the heart, and is an excellent source of folate. Finally, its greatest benefit may lie in the fact that it has been shown to fight cancer. Several of the chemicals in kale can inactivate carcinogens, protect cells from DNA damage, decrease tumor cell migration, and inhibit tumor blood vessel formation.1 So, kale is indeed an almost perfect food. But here’s the thing: Many of the studies that showed these tremendous health benefits were studying not just kale but other vegetables as well. It is time to shed some light on these other vegetables because they can definitely hold their own. Common Green Vegetables With Killer Nutritional Value There are probably a dozen green vegetables that you use on a regular basis that could be fighting cancer in your body right now. But there are seven that I especially like for their unique healthful properties. Swiss chard reduces your risk of diabetes and stroke, prevents colon cancer, increases cognitive development, regulates blood sugar, improves bone growth, and prevents macular degeneration. It is sweeter and more palatable than kale. Broccoli has significant cancer preventing properties, removes toxins from the body, strengthens the immune system, helps maintain a healthy heart, improves stomach disorders, facilitates glowing skin, and removes toxins and free radicals.3 It is more easily adaptable in cooking. Spinach is rich in vitamins and minerals, regulates blood pressure, boosts immunity, maintains healthy brain function, aids digestion, contains antioxidants, is anti-inflammatory, and protects skin and bone health. It is a richer source of folate than kale. Brussels sprouts activate cancer-fighting enzymes in the body, contain key nutrients for phase...

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