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Silver Lake’s Botanica Dishes Up a New Kind of Healthy

BY ANNETTE SEMERDJIAN| Los Angeles locals are always looking for new ways to stay healthy, often following the guidelines of vegan or gluten-free lifestyles. Silver Lake’s newest restaurant and market, Botanica, provides healthy, feel good meals without the (often constricting) rules of health lifestyles.

It’s simple: there are no refined sugars, processed foods, or products of industrial agriculture and aquaculture. All the dairy, veggies and fruits are locally grown, the meat is sustainably raised, and the seafood selections are wild catches.

Botanica’s larders have the highest standards of upkeep in order to frequently serve dishes that are fresh and colorful for diners to enjoy guilt-free. Aside from the cookbooks and other products made purchasable at Botanica, there are also guidelines to start cooking better meals at home, such as the recipe for Roasted Eggplant with Jeweled Herb Salad showcased in the first issue of their namesake...

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