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Looking to the Past to Solve Our Food Future

Looking to the Past to Solve Our Food Future

  The American diet is killing us, many diseases are preventible, and yet we perpetually spend huge money on treatment instead of prevention. Whil...

Packaging as part of the food waste solution

All this is estimated to cost the Australian economy $20 billion a year. “In modern economies around the world most of the food is lost at the retailer and consumer level,” he said. “If a consumer throws away 2kg of meat they’re not just throwing away the meat. We have to have technologies that enable the retailer to merchandise the product in a way that minimises waste. According to Deily, packaging can be part of the solution. This technology can even help the consumer. “We’re working on some QSR code technologies through the IoT which will drive an improved engagement with the consumer and the products they buy. Benefits for businesses Apart from its humanitarian and environmental costs, food waste makes bad business sense. Another product, the Cryovac Freshness Plus film includes components which absorb oxygen before it reaches the product thereby enabling significant shelf life extension of products such as avocado and bakery goods. Each solution was able to significantly extend the shelf life, enable wider food distribution and access, all while reducing food waste.

How high-tech tracking systems used by airlines can cut grocery food waste

A technology used to track inventories of sweaters and jeans and ensure the on-time arrival of luggage on commercial airliners could hold the key to tackling food waste, collectively saving food retailers billions of dollars and helping them play a critical role in addressing global food security and hunger.

Radio frequency identification (RFID)...

NYC Food Waste Fair to offer businesses 'soup to nuts' display of reduction and diversion

Anyone in New York's service industry is well-acquainted with the vast amounts of food waste coming out of kitchens and businesses on a daily basis. Though unless that business is big enough to be covered by the city's organics diversion mandate, they may not know why or how to do anything about it yet. An upcoming city-organized event aims to...

7 Things You Can Do to Prevent Food Waste at Home

7 Things You Can Do to Prevent Food Waste at Home

“Even the most sustainably farmed food does us no good if the food is never eaten.”

–Dana Gunders

141 trillion: the number of calories thrown into the dumpster every day.

1,249 calories per capitain the United States are discarded and 30- 40% of that food waste is at the consumer level. We are going to talk about world hunger, global waste, and what...

Food waste could soon be powering our communities

Food waste could soon be powering our communities

Image Credit: Flickr, USDA

With nearly 40 percent of the food we grow in the United States going to waste — costing businesses as much as $161 billion each year — figuring out how to reduce it while also generating the most economic benefit is more important than ever.

Food waste is the single largest component going into municipal landfills in the United...

How Silicon Valley fights food waste

How Silicon Valley fights food waste

Image Credit: Wikimedia

For those privy to the world of tech, the free meals offered by such companies as Google, Facebook, and Apple have become the stuff of legend. At the Googleplex, Google’s Mountain View headquarters, for example, employees never are more than 200 feet away from food. And this isn’t a half measure — Google’s food is varied, tasty and...

How tackling food waste saves restaurants money

How tackling food waste saves restaurants money

Image Credit: Pixabay

The restaurant industry is worth nearly $800 billion in the United States, and there are more than a million restaurants nationwide. But running a successful restaurant business is not easy — as many as 60 percent fail within the first three years of opening their doors. At full-service restaurants, profit-margins are razor thin, ranging...

How Change Happens: Inspiring Examples from Urban Food Policy

Many of us in the world of food policy are excited by what is happening in cities. Hundreds of municipalities are developing and delivering policies to improve the food system. Fortunately, extensive efforts to document them means we know a considerable amount about whatthey are doing—a whole host of activities, including improving public procurement, building...

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