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Kansas Town Tries New Blueprint To Replace Rural Grocery Store

Kansas Town Tries New Blueprint To Replace Rural Grocery Store. More than 40 grocery stores in rural Kansas have closed during the last nine years as small-town populations shrink and supermarkets in bigger cities attract shoppers from miles away. The initial plan was to find a new grocer to occupy the former Dillons building. It requires a new store.” Dunn said the feasibility studies found that a much larger store in St. John would be far more likely to keep grocery shoppers from traveling to supermarkets in cities like Great Bend and Pratt, both almost 30 miles away. The studies project that a new store that is triple the size of the one that closed would generate far more sales over a 10-year period than the smaller store — $16 million more. Finding finances White’s Foodliner, which operates four grocery stores in rural Kansas and Oklahoma, has signed a letter of intent to operate such a store for 10 years if Stafford County Economic Development can provide the building. The make-or-break puzzle piece, however, is the potential for an $800,000 community economic development grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Chansler said that would be nice, but not game-changing. Pat White, who runs White’s Foodliner, doesn’t see Chansler’s store as his primary competition, though. “If you’re 30 to 60 miles away, you’ve got a chance of keeping them home.” If local and federal public financing is ultimately granted, White will not have to cover the cost of the building.

How high-tech tracking systems used by airlines can cut grocery food waste

A technology used to track inventories of sweaters and jeans and ensure the on-time arrival of luggage on commercial airliners could hold the key to tackling food waste, collectively saving food retailers billions of dollars and helping them play a critical role in addressing global food security and hunger.

Radio frequency identification (RFID)...

11 Smart Ways to Eat Healthy on a Super Tight Budget

Go for frozen vegetables

Alina Yudina/shutterstock

Fresh vegetables can be expensive if you don't have access to a farmer's market, but frozen vegetables can actually give you more bang for your buck. Not only are they cheaper, but they tend to be more nutritious, since they're picked at peak ripeness and frozen right away, which preserves...

Embracing Chaos: How Some Are Turning To Tech To Reinvent The Supermarket

The grocery store landscape is changing fast. Retail food palaces are simultaneously going big, small, mobile and even virtual to please millennial consumers who want it now, want it digital and want it delivered. At the same time, this rapidly growing audience wants it fresh and healthy. Add in technology, which has become a weapon for giant...

6 food shopping mistakes a nutritionist wishes healthy people would stop making

woman with groceries
The Real Food Grocery Guide
Photo: Fair Winds Press

Savvy grocery shoppers have a few rules they live by: Buy what’s in season, avoid unpronounceable 12-letter ingredients, and beware of too much sugar. But even health-focused supermarket ninjas can get stumped by the more nuanced dilemmas that pop up while you shop: Does egg color really matter? Is loose-leaf lettuce...

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