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The 3 Transformative Takeaways from the Mayo Clinic’s New Book: ‘Integrative Guide to Good Health’

Mayo Clinic’s New Book Empowers People to Take Charge of Their Health and Spend Less Time in The Doctor’s Office
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Ever burned your arm and wondered if you should put ice or cool water on it? Answer: avoid ice, and instead, hold the burn under cold running water. Do you have digestive issues and are curious if acupuncture could help? According to the Mayo Clinic’s new book, ” The Integrative Guide to Good Health,” acupuncture is an effective treatment for a variety of health issues, including digestion problems.

The Mayo Clinic’s doctors Brent Bauer and Martha P. Millman compiled the new self-care book that addresses the health of the whole person to include mind, body, and spirit. Many of the strategies provided can be done in your own home on your own time, potentially keeping you from spending additional time in the doctor’s office.

Doctor Brent Bauer, Director of Research, Integrative Medicine and Health at Mayo Clinic, says the book “is for people who are looking to take charge of their health.” It blends the best of conventional medicine with the best of evidence-based alternative therapies and home remedies to give people options to transform their well-being.

As medical editor for “The Integrative Guide to Good Health,” Dr. Bauer offered three key takeaways that he hopes people come away with after reading the book.

1. Empowerment

“There are so many mixed messages out there,” says Dr. Bauer, and even more companies and “experts” trying to sell solutions. From diets to supplements to exercise programs, it’s hard to know which programs are legit and which ones are for you. “The book is an empowerment tool to cut through the noise and determine at a fundamental level, what you need to do to be healthy.”

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