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The foods to eat daily for a super-long life (according to the oldest people in the world)

healthy pea soup
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The Longevity Plan
Photo: Harper Collins

At age 44, cardiologist John Day, MD, was overworked, hypertensive, in constant pain, and full of excuses. He took five medications daily while he dreamed of retirement. So when he heard of a region in remote China where people regularly lived to be over 100—with no signs of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, or cancer—he became seriously obsessed. What was their secret?

Within a matter of months, he and his family had packed up their lives and settled in with the Bapan villagers to see first-hand how they lived such long, healthy lives.

In The Longevity Plan, written with his wife, Jane, Dr. Day shares seven key habits he observed the villagers living out every day during the year he spent with them. The good news is it’s 100 percent possible to adopt them even if you don’t live in Bapan. Grab your bullet journal: The first three things to add to your checklist for a superhuman lifespan are to know your life’s purpose, surround yourself with positive people, and move your body as much as you can. (You might need to file that first one under “long term goals.”)

“Processed foods and added sugar have never shown to have a health...

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