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These are the 3 Times a Day to Avoid Drinking Water

These are the 3 Times a Day to Avoid Drinking Water

You know drinking water is good for you, right? As a nutrition coach who specializes in digestive disorders, I’m practically a personal PR agent for water. There’s that whole proper hydration, high energy, good digestion, glowing skin thing that you want to get in on. Yet, you and your empty glass can’t be bothered to hit the water cooler more than once or twice a day. Well, there’s good news if you’re looking for an excuse not to drink some H2O. That’s right, you can skip drinking water a few times in your day.

1. With Meals

You now have permission to stop downing gallons of water at mealtime. Too much water can often mean less chewing, more gulping, and may lead to tougher digestion. While experts disagree on the issue, some people who flood their system with water during mealtime experience more bloat than without.

Ali Miller, RD, LD, CDE, integrative dietitian, and author of “Naturally Nourished: Food-As-Medicine for Optimal Health,” says that drinking excessive water during mealtime dilutes your digestive enzymes and gastric juices “which are necessary to optimize the breakdown of food particles and enhance the absorption of nutrients.” She warns against drinking while eating. “If we over-hydrate at meal times, we can be left with bloating, reflux, and less nutritional density at meals.”

Instead of downing water while you eat, drink up a half-hour before meal time, and an hour after. Of course, sip water as needed if food is...

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