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Top 7 reasons why you should get to know Turmeric.

Turmeric is the main spice found in curry and has been highlighted a lot in recent publications. The reason you ask? This "super spice" has many powerful attributes and has been proven to help in the following areas when it comes to personal health and well being.

1. Anticoagulant

Turmeric can act as a natural anticoagulant, in other words, mother nature's version of a blood thinner. 

2. Anti-depressant

Recent testing and research trials on animals has lead scientists to believe that Turmeric may in fact help with mild cases of depression. Although few human tests have been initiated, more interest and intrigue has been brought to light about this potential natural benefit.

3. Anti-inflammatory

What's most known and prominent in many circles in terms of the benefits of Turmeric, is it's ability to act as an anti-inflammatory or pain reduction aid. 

4. Arthritis Management 

Because of the pain killing nature of Turmeric, the spice has been tested in many patients suffering with acute arthritis, recording positive effect at controlling and stabilizing the pain, leading to increased mobility.

5. Cancer Treatment 

This is a widely researched topic, with ample investment in finding natural ways to help diminish and in some cases defeat this nasty disease, Turmeric is putting up a tremendous fight against Cancer.

6. Diabetes Management 

Lowering blood sugar and reversing insulin resistance are key elements in managing Diabetes, both characteristics have been found to be positively effected when a patient starts including Turmeric consistently in their diet.

7. Gastrointestinal Treatments

In many cases patients with diseases such as Crohn's or other gastrointestinal problems, become intolerant to prescription medicine due to the harmful affects of man-made chemicals on the stomach flora and mucosal lining. Multiple tests have indicated that many patients were able to reduce or even completely stop taking prescription medication when a consistant intake of Turmeric entered their weekly diet.

All in all, Turmeric has some amazing qualities for a spice found in nature that equally taste great! Turmeric goes great in most spice mixes for poultry and fish and for those looking for a quicker fix and more direct intake, try making some homemade Turmeric Tea!


Source: Dr. Axe


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