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We Tried 10 Organic Olive Oils Ranging From $7 To $50 Per Bottle—These Were The Best Ones

Until about a year ago, I used to grab any old store brand extra virgin olive oil and call it a day. Never did I smell or taste my dull-colored oil before pouring it into a pan for sautéing veggies or drizzling it onto a salad. But then I went to an olive oil tasting where we sampled a number of oils ranging in quality and price, and everything changed. (Slash your cholesterol, burn stubborn belly fat, solve your insomnia, and more—naturally!—with Rodale's Eat For Extraordinary Health & Healing!) I learned that a fresh, quality olive oil can actually look slightly green and smell somewhat grassy and fruity. And the taste? That can depend on a number of factors, but it should match the aroma and have a nice spicy bite when it hits the back of your throat (which is an indicator of high levels of polyphenol antioxidants). What you don’t want: A dull-colored oil that smells or tastes rancid, musty, or even metallic. (Check...

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