Get four or more individually portioned customizable meals. Delivered however often you choose. No subscription necessary.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! You can swap any protein or side, allowing you to create boundless meal selections from a set of options that fit your specific dietary requirements. The Menu page on our website features amazing Chef Picks meals, which is a great place to start personalizing. These meals are also grouped by dietary category, including Under 500 Calories, High Protein, Carb-Conscious, and Vegetarian.

Your meals will stay farm-fresh for up to a week, but you can always check their best-by date insert in your box. If you are unable to finish your meals by then, you can store them safely in the freezer for later enjoyment.

Our meals are designed as single servings. To learn more about any meal or meal component on our menu, click on its image on the Menu page for a full nutritional breakdown including the total weight (in grams) of each meal. And if you ever want more, we offer a variety of add-ons that include vegetables and sides as well as breakfasts and snacks, too!

Glad you asked! We are a weekly food delivery service that gives you complete control over your plan. We’ve made it real flexible when it comes to managing your account, and you can skip deliveries up to 8 weeks in advance. We won’t ship you meals if you have turned the next delivery week “off” before 11:59p ET on Thursdays, and we’ll send you weekly reminders to keep your memory fresh.

Great question! As long as the delivery week is turned to the “off” position on your account prior to 11:59p ET on the Thursday before your delivery week, your credit card will NOT be charged. To keep it real simple, you can manage deliveries for up to 8 weeks at time.

Your delivery box will contain the exact meals and the number of meals (as well as any add-on items) you selected for that week. It will also contain a paper insert with the best-by date for your meals. Our meals come in individual, vacuum-sealed Fresh Packs™ (designed to lock in flavor and freshness) packaged together with a cardboard bellyband. The food items are shipped in an insulated box with frozen gel packs included to ensure food stays cold and fresh during transit from our kitchen to your door.