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Our Story

In a dream world, we wake up, go to work, come home, and still have the energy and enthusiasm to make a tasty, nutritious dinner for ourselves and our families. In reality, there comes a moment in each day when we are forced to make that choice between "healthy" and "easy".

That’s why we created RealEats. As a busy single dad, our founder Dan searched for a meal solution that would remove the need to compromise on dinner. Luckily, he eventually stumbled upon a little secret that top restaurants had been using for decades. Excited about his new discovery, he did what he never thought a guy who can’t cook would do—he started a food company.

Our story

Why RealEats?

RealEats is all about solving the dinner dilemma so that more people can easily eat real food. Through our patent-pending Pot-to-Plate™ process, we bring you clean delicious dishes that are ready to eat in just about 6 minutes.

For decades, restaurants have vacuum-sealed pre-cooked meals, making it simple to warm them to perfection with just a pot of boiling water. And hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. We’ve tweaked this technique, and made it possible for everyone to enjoy nutritious, chef-prepared meals, in minutes, in the comfort and convenience of their own homes.

Why real eats

We take great care in creating of all our recipes, ensuring they meet our high standards for both taste and nutrition. Each and every RealEats meal is delivered fresh, never-frozen, and thoughtfully prepared by one of our seasoned chefs, using premium quality, mostly organic ingredients that are free of preservatives, additives or junk of any kind.

The Real Way

Never processed


If it isn’t straight from Mother Nature herself, we don’t use it. We prepare whole vegetables, grains, meats and fish in our kitchen.

Better for you

Better for You

We deliver meals in single portion sizes that are usually 500 calories or less

Flavorful + Fresh

Flavorful + Fresh

By vacuum-packing each meal, we lock in the flavor and nutrients of real food, keeping it fresh in the fridge for 7 days.

Chicken and corn

Earth and Human Friendly

Our BPA-free meal pouches are FDA approved and help reduce both food and packaging waste.

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