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Meet RealEats Head of Culinary, World-Class Chef Aliya LeeKong

Globally-Inspired, Locally-Sourced

Aliya’s approach to cooking is a culmination of her unique life experiences and global travel. Growing up with a multicultural heritage exposed her to international flavors at an early age. She spent years working in Michelin-starred fine dining restaurants and has traveled to over 40 countries where she studied food traditions in the homes of regional cooks. She now draws from her worldly experience in global-local flavors to create dishes that RealEaters can enjoy at their own table.

With the RealEats HQ in the heart of the Finger Lakes rich agricultural region, Aliya and the RealEats culinary team unite worldly flavors with hyper-local ingredients sourced from regional farms. The result is a menu of simple, healthy, delicious meals you can’t find anywhere else.

"Responsible sourcing means fresher, higher-quality, more nutrient-dense ingredients. The fact that it also supports the local community and creates a healthier, more sustainable food future makes it a no-brainer."

About Chef Aliya LeeKong

Aliya LeeKong is a Chef, Cookbook Author, Television Personality and Mother with a passion for bringing global and socially conscious foods, spices, and traditions into everyday cooking and eating.

Aliya earned degrees from both Brown University and Columbia University before training at the International Culinary Center. She then traveled to different countries to learn food traditions, and worked in diverse, Michelin-starred restaurants around New York City including Jean Georges, Per Se, and Junoon, where she was Chef/Culinary Creative Director, before writing her first cookbook, Exotic Table - Flavors, Inspiration, and Recipes from Around the World – to Your Kitchen (named “Best of the Best” by Food & Wine magazine in 2014).

Aliya has been a guest chef on NBC’s Today Show, a judge on both Beat Bobby Flay, and Worst Cooks in America: Celebrity Edition, a culinary expert on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, has worked with brands like Stella Artois and Cadillac, and has been widely covered in publications like Food & Wine, Vogue India, Shape, Eater, and Food Republic.


About the RealEats Culinary Team

The RealEats Culinary Team is dedicated to executing flavorful, healthful dishes that feature whole, fresh ingredients and nothing you don’t want to be eating. Located in the heart of the Finger Lakes rich agricultural region, we aim to provide a wide a variety of seasonally appropriate and energy boosting plates: different colors, textures, clean flavors, delicious tastes.

Each and every RealEats meal is delivered fresh, never-frozen, and thoughtfully prepared by one of our seasoned chefs, using premium quality, mostly organic ingredients that are free of preservatives, additives or junk of any kind.

Our Story

In a dream world, we wake up, go to work, come home, and still have the energy and enthusiasm to make a tasty, nutritious dinner for ourselves and our families. In reality, there comes a moment in each day when we are forced to make that choice between "healthy" and "easy".

That’s why we created RealEats. As a busy single dad, our founder, Dan searched for a meal solution that would remove the need to compromise on dinner. He stumbled upon a little secret that top restaurants had been using for decades. Excited about his new discovery, he did what he never thought a guy who can’t cook would do—he started a food company.

Why RealEats?

People want to know where their food comes from. We have a responsibility to support the farmers who grow the locally-sourced ingredients that sustain us. And today, people are in a constant battle to choose between healthy and fast.

Now there’s a new choice. It takes a pot of boiling water and 6 minutes. Meet RealEats. It’s fresh, healthy meals delivered right to your door. Like inviting skilled chefs to your home. Chefs that give you time back with your family and friends.

RealEats is the feel-good and look-good solution. It’s all in the bag.

The Real Way

Never Processed

If it isn’t straight from Mother Nature herself, we don’t use it. We prepare whole vegetables, grains, meats and fish in our kitchen.

Better for You

We deliver meals in single portion sizes that are usually 600 calories or less.

Flavorful & Fresh

By vacuum-packing each meal, we lock in the flavor and nutrients of real food, keeping it fresh in the fridge for 7 days.

Earth & Human Friendly

Our BPA-free meal pouches are FDA approved and help reduce both food and packaging waste.

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