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Welcome to RealEats Customer Care

Get to know RealEats! On this page, you can watch videos on how to #EatRealEats and get answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. If you can't find what you are looking, we encourage you to reach out to us using the chat feature on our website, emailing our customer care team at, or calling us at 1-855-695-6387.




Here's the Scoop

You subscribe to a RealEats meal plan of your choosing. We guarantee that you'll get a fresh RealEats meal delivered to your door every week. We'll remind you every week when it's time to update your meal selections, and you can skip a week at any time. You're in control of the deliciousness that arrives at your door every week.

"We really appreciate being able to put our RealEats service on hold while we're traveling. Better yet, we are able to plan it so our RealEats meals arrive 'home' the same day we do. It works perfectly!"

How to #EatRealEats

Open your box and place all meal pouches in the refrigerator. When ready to prepare, take a large deep pot and bring water to a boil.

For hot dishes, use tongs to place meal pouches into the boiling water and follow the heating times indicated on each package. Cold dishes do not require heating.

Plate Like a Pro!

Step 1
Dry the outside of the meal pouch

Step 2
If you wish to drain excess liquid, cut a small hole in the corner of the pouch

Step 3
Cut open the meal pouch below the seal

Step 4
Use a fork or spoon to remove contents of each pouch. Plate and enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

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