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Questions and Answers

We’re here to help you get answers to questions you may have about RealEats. Here is a list of some of our the most frequently asked questions. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, we encourage you to reach out to us by emailing our customer care team at, chatting with us on, or calling us at 1-855-695-6387 between the hours of 9am – 5pm EST, Monday – Friday. Don’t worry, we respond to every message as soon as we can!


Absolutely! Just remember to log into your account and select your meals by 11:59pm every Wednesday. We offer 18 dinners and 4 breakfasts every week for you to choose from. The 3 “This Week’s Features” change weekly and our “Main Meals” are updated as well but on a slower rotation. We want to make sure we have seasonal options available for everyone and keep some favorites around a little longer.

All our meals are designed to be one serving. Keep in mind that we base our meals on total calories rather than size or weight. Please go to On The Menu to see the detailed ingredients and nutritional facts.

Uh oh! Did you update your orders by end of day on Wednesday in your Account? If you forget or need help, you can contact customer care and we will do everything we can to make sure your order is updated to the meals you would like. Although we try and be as flexible as possible, we’re unable to give you a refund for meals that are packed and shipped.

Since our food is cooked to order and super fresh, we can’t accept returns or issue refunds for personal taste preferences. We know there are mistakes that happen, so if there are problems with your order, contact us and we’ll figure something out. We do take quality very seriously and we want your experience to be as quick, easy and delicious as possible.

Our meals stay fresh for 7 days in your fridge.

Our meals are designed to be eaten fresh by the expiration date on the pouches. But if you need to freeze a meal instead of throwing it away, go for it! We do not have directions on how to prepare meals that were frozen or issue a refund for meals that were frozen.

We prefer you use boiling water to warm up your meals, but you can absolutely use the microwave. Just remember to remove the plastic packaging prior to putting in the microwave. Here come the gourmet work lunches!


If you have any allergies, make sure you closely read the ingredients on our website under On The Menu. While many of our meals may not contain specific allergens, all our production is done in a facility where cross contamination may occur so we cannot guarantee that our products are completely allergen free.

Our food has no artificial ingredients, binders, fillers or artificial preservatives added. All ingredients are Non-GMO and as seasonal as possible. Many are organic, and the great majority are local and sustainable.

We try and keep our sourcing as much as we can to the small independent farmers and food companies. Supporting other small businesses is a core value of RealEats. We rise together!

We are adding more plant-based, dairy-free and gluten-free options for our Real-Eaters! Please take a close look at each meal to see if it fits your dietary needs and select what works for you. Our meals are made with high quality real ingredients, but we are not a diet plan. If you have health concerns, please consult a health professional before making your selections. Details for all meals can be found on the On The Menu page.

Preparation & Packaging

We are not a meal-prep service. We do the prepping for you and deliver healthy, delicious, fully-cooked meals to your door. All you need is a pot and boiling water! Your meals are cooked to perfection in our state-of-the-art licensed and food safe facility, located in Geneva, NY. Each meal is then quickly cooled down, vacuum-sealed in pouches and then kept on ice until you receive your shipment. All you have to do is re-heat in boiling water for the designated time on each pouch.

Absolutely! We use the same packaging technique as the classic "sous-vide" style of French cuisine. These pouches are 100% food safe- BPA-free, Plasticizer-free, Phthalate-free and no leaching.

No, all you need is a pot and boiling water, that’s it! Your meals are fully-cooked to temperature and perfection in our state-of-the-art licensed and food safe facility, located in Geneva, NY. Each meal is then quickly cooled down, vacuum-sealed in the “sous-vide” pouches and then kept on ice until you receive your shipment. All you have to do is re-heat in boiling water for the designated time on each package, no additional cooking needed. (Note: meals are delivered fully cooked and do not contain any raw ingredients, using a sous vide machine will overcook your meals.)

Subscription and Sign-Up

RealEats offers eight different meal plans with either just dinner or dinner and breakfast. Each meal is designed for one person so pick a plan that works best for your household. Choose your plan, select your meals, and proceed to checkout. After checking out for the first time, look for the email to finish activating your account – check your spam and promotion folders! Once you do this you can access your Account, plan your upcoming deliveries and manage your subscription.

Our minimum plan is the 4-meal plan, delivered once weekly. If you need to change your plan just cancel your current plan and sign up for the new plan. Please contact if you have any trouble with this process. We know, it’s annoying, we’re working on it.

No, and we never will. Subscribe, and we’ll ship you fresh meals each week.

RealEats has no minimum subscription amount. We’ll be happy to have you order every week for a whole year, or just to try the service. Cancel at any time! Just remember that skipping or canceling an order does not cancel your account. Questions, reach out to

Keep an eye on your inbox-we’ll send you all the info you’ll need. Check your spam and promotion folders. Sometimes the emails will go in there. We’ve already added you to our list of deliveries, and you’ll receive your box either Tuesday or Wednesday depending on your zip code. Be sure to activate your account in order to access your Account and choose meals each week and/or skip if you will be away any given week.

Yes, we’ll continue to deliver your weekly meals, if you don’t skip or cancel. You can skip orders or cancel your subscription at any time. Orders are charged every Thursday for delivery the following week.

All changes to your orders need to be made by end of day Wednesday for the following week’s delivery. If you forgot, contact and we’ll do our best to adjust the order. We try to be as flexible as possible with late cancels and order changes, but by Monday, boxes are packed and on the truck so you’ll be responsible for paying for any charges relating to an order processed after this time.

Absolutely! We suggest you order the appropriate plan and modify the shipping address to the person you wish to gift this to. Depending on how long you want to gift the order, just cancel the subscription at the end of the gift period.


RealEats offers meals that on average have three components- a protein, a veg and a carb, delivered in vacuum-sealed pouches to lock in nutrition and freshness. We also include ice packs, a weekly menu, and meal cards, all shipped in a thermoregulated box to ensure your food stays cold and fresh.

No, our delivery days are based on your delivery zip code and will either be Tuesday or Wednesday (pending holidays) and FedEx delivers as scheduled.

We pack our deliveries in a certified, inspected facility, and we ship our products weekly with plenty of ice packs and a specially designed shipping box that keeps the cold in. If you receive a meal from RealEats that is anything but cold and fresh, please snap a photo and send us information on the delivery within 48 hours of receipt to

We ship every Monday each week from our kitchens, so your meals will arrive fresh on either Tuesday or Wednesday (depending on your zip code) in a thermal regulated shipping box accompanied by ice packs to keep your food cold while in transit. We’ll notify you by email when your order is placed and then shipped out. You will be able to track your package so you know exactly when it will arrive, please place in a fridge or cooler as soon as possible.

We currently ship via FedEx either 1-day or 2-day delivery depending on your zip code. We pack our boxes with enough ice packs to keep the food cold throughout the transit time. If you receive your box and the gel packs are melted all the way through and the food feels warm, contact within 48 hours of receiving your box.

1-Day (Tuesday) Delivery States: CT, DC, DE, MA, MD, NJ, NY, eastern PA & RI
2-Day (Wednesday) Delivery States: IL, IN, KY, ME, MI, NC, NH, OH, western PA, SC, TN, VA, VT, WV

Until the beaming technology is perfected, we have to rely on FedEx to get you your package on time. Sometimes this doesn’t happen which is as frustrating for us as it is for you. If your package is late, please check your email for any communication from us regarding the issue. If we haven’t already emailed you, contact us at or 855-695-6387. We’ll always get back to you as soon as we get done yelling at FedEx.

Currently we deliver to: Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia & West Virginia

You will receive an email with the tracking info on Fridays so you can track the packages that ship on Monday. We do our best to get your box there as scheduled, but sometimes FedEx experiences delays. We track all our shipments and try to notify you if we anticipate any type of delay. Please make sure your shipping address is a location that can easily accept deliveries. All Walgreens can also accept FedEx deliveries.

We pack our boxes with enough ice packs to keep the food cold throughout the transit time. If you receive your box and the gel packs are melted all the way through and the food feels warm, contact within 48 hours of receipt.

Site Navigation & Account

You may have missed our Activate Your Account email that comes after you place your first order. The link in this email is time sensitive so if you missed it, contact and we can resend the email to you.

To cancel your subscription, go to your Account page, scroll down and click on Pause Subscription, then simply click Cancel subscription. If you need help, shoot us an email at

Absolutely, just contact and we can reactivate your account for you.


You can email us at call us at 1-855-695-6387 between 9am – 5pm EST. We always respond to every email and voicemail so please be patient, we’ll be in touch.

Please reach out to

Please email us at


RealEats is a weekly subscription that helps you eat healthy, fresh meals in 6 minutes. Each week, we deliver a thermal insulated box to your door that contains meals sealed inside BPA-free, plasticizer and phthalate free plastic pouches, same quality used by high-end gourmet restaurants for “sous-vide” style cooking. By bringing a large pot of water to a gentle simmer, place pouches in the water and heat based on the time indicated on each menu item (generally 6 minutes for proteins and 3 minutes for sides, cold items are ready to eat right out of the bag).

We chose the name RealEats to reflect what we believe to be the most important change in the lives of North Americans coming up in the next 5 years- a change away from processed, frozen food to natural, sustainably sourced real food and flavors.

Our kitchen is based in Geneva, NY.

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