What is RealEats?

RealEats is a weekly subscription that helps you eat healthy, fresh meals in minutes. Each week, we deliver a thermal insulated box to your door that contains meals sealed inside BPA-free plastic pouches. By bringing a large pot of water to a gentle simmer, place pouches in the water and heat based on the time indicated on each menu item (generally 7 minutes or less).

Is the plastic packaging safe?

Absolutely! We use the same packaging technique as the classic "sous-vide" style of French cuisine. These pouches are 100% food safe- BPA-free, Plasticizer-free, Phthalate-free and no leaching. It's the same packaging used in many gourmet restaurants you may have already eaten at.

Do I need special "sous-vide" equipment?

No, all you need is a pot and boiling water, that's it! Your meals are fully-cooked to temperature and perfection in our state-of-the-art licensed and food safe facility, located in Geneva, NY. Each meal is then quickly cooled down, vacuum-sealed in the "sous-vide" pouches and then kept on ice until you receive your shipment. All you have to do is re-heat in boiling water for the designated time on each package, no additional cooking needed. (Note: meals are delivered fully cooked and do not contain any raw ingredients, using a sous vide machine will overcook your meals.)

How do I sign up?

RealEats offers 3 different meal plans that vary in portions delivered each week. The Singles Plan includes 3 meals for 1 person each week. The Couples Plan includes 2 portions of 3 meals delivered each week. Lastly, the Family Plan includes 4 portions of 3 meals delivered each week.

What do I get in my delivery?

RealEats offers meals that on average have three components- a protein and two sides, delivered in vacuum-sealed pouches to lock in nutrition and freshness. We also include cold packs and info on our chefs, farmers, ingredients, and community, all shipped in a thermal regulated box to insure your food stays cold and fresh.

I just signed up, what are the next steps?

Keep an eye on your inbox- we’ll send you a all the info you’ll need. We’ve already added you to our list of deliveries, and you’ll receive your box every Tuesday!

How do I contact Customer Service?

You can call us at 1-855-695-6387, write us at support@realeats.com or catch up with us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/realeatsfood.

Who should I email with a press inquiry?

Please reach out to social@realeats.com, thanks! 

Why are you named RealEats?

We chose the name RealEats to reflect what we believe to be the most important change in the lives of North Americans coming up in the next 5 years- a change away from processed, frozen food to natural, real food and flavors.

Who should I contact if I have ingredients I want to supply?

Please email us at support@realeats.com, thanks!

Can I buy RealEats as a gift?

Absolutely! We suggest you order our 1 week trial and modify the shipping address to the person you wish to gift this to.

Will my subscription renew automatically?

Yes, we’ll continue to deliver you weekly meals, but there’s no minimum commitment, you can skip a week or cancel your subscription at any time.

Please note that all changes to your account need to be made by the ‘Cut-Off’ date and time. All orders shown as ‘Order Processed’ or ‘Shipped’ in your profile have already been processed and, unfortunately cannot be cancelled. You’ll be responsible for paying for any charges relating to an order processed after this time.

Do you offer vegetarian/vegan options?

We currently do not support any vegetarian, vegan, or specialty diets. New menus are currently in development, keep checking back to the website and our social media pages for new launches.

Can I choose my meals?

No, we currently offer a fixed but rotating weekly menu, that's over 450 unique recipes each year so you don't get bored. 

Is there a minimum subscription amount for RealEats?

RealEats has no minimum below our one week trial- we’ll be happy to have you order every week for a whole year, or just to try the service once in awhile.

What is the minimum plan for RealEats?

Our minimum plan is 3 complete meals, delivered once weekly. We’re happy to have more or less food delivered to you, simply choose the 2 portion Couples Plan or the 4 portion Family Plan.

Does RealEats have a membership fee?

No, and we never will. Subscribe, and we’ll ship you fresh meals each week, with no hidden fees or penalties, delivery cost included.

When will my meals arrive?

We ship every Monday each week from our kitchens, so your product will arrive fresh on Tuesdays in a thermal regulated shipping box accompanied by gel packs to keep your food cold while in transit. We’ll notify you by e-mail when your order is placed and then shipped out. You will be able to track your package so you know exactly when it will arrive, please place in a fridge or cooler as soon as you get it.

How do you keep my meals fresh?

We pack our deliveries in a certified, inspected facility, and we ship our products weekly with plenty of cold packs and a specially designed shipping box that keeps the cold in. If you receive a meal from RealEats that is anything but cold and fresh, please snap a photo and send us information on the delivery right away to support@realeats.com, we’ll quickly send you a new meal once deemed an issue with packing and/or shipping.

Can I pick my delivery day?

No, we ship only certain regions on certain days. Please email us at support@realeats.com if you have a special situation that you’ll need help with.

What happens if I’m not home on delivery day?

We ship all our meals within 24 hours, so you’ll have a minimum of 6 hours to pick up your delivery at your door and refrigerate. If you have a special request related to delivery, please email us at support@realeats.com.

What should I do if my delivery is late?

Please give us a call at 1-855-695-6387 and we’ll give you a confirmation on delivery time. We’ll refund you for any late deliveries over 12 hours, and make sure you receive an on-time delivery next time. 

Can I return my meals if I don’t like them?

Unfortunately, the freshness of our food means we can’t accept returns, but if there is any problem with your subscription for any reason, please email us at support@realeats.com or give us a call at 1-855-695-6387. We take quality very seriously at RealEats and we want your experience to be quick, easy and delicious.

Can I rate a meal?

You can always give us feedback through Twitter, Facebook or email. We’re always delighted to hear from our customers!

Are your ingredients organic?

We try to use locally sourced, organic ingredients where we can, meaning that our food is not labelled Organic. Because we want to keep our meals affordable for everyone, we try to limit the prices of ingredients we use, which means partnering with farms who produce safe, healthy food without the added price of the organic certification.

Where do you source your ingredients?

We source our ingredients from a cornucopia of local farms all over the country, so that you always help support local businesses when you order from RealEats.

How long do my meals stay fresh?

RealEats meals stay fresh for 7 days in your fridge.