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The Real Story

Long before the picket signs and clanging pots, our founder Dan, was a busy single dad just trying to feed his kids anything but takeout pizza and frozen microwave meals. But like so many, he was playing right into the hands of Big Food. Then one day Dan discovered an awesome restaurant industry secret that would make it quick and easy for his family to enjoy fresh healthy meals.

Excited by his discovery, Dan did what any sane person would do — he started a food company of course — and RealEats was born! Now it’s RealEats’ mission to make it easy for anybody to get and enjoy real food — meals cooked by chefs using whole, natural ingredients that aren’t processed and don’t have any added junk or other stuff you wouldn’t want to eat.

A Big Word About the Little Guy

Big Food equals big on profits and small on quality, nutrition and ethics. That’s good for them, but not so much for our health or our planet. We think it’s important to get behind smaller independent farms (aka the little guy) because that’s where the real food is. So, we built our kitchen in upstate NY, right in the heart of the Finger Lakes agricultural region, and it’s here that we take pride in supporting farms and creating local jobs.

Queen Of Our Taste Buds

Every kitchen needs a culinary wizard-genius and ours is Aliya LeeKong. Not only is she famous (she’s on TV a lot), she’s also whipped up some mind-blowing menus at Michelin-star restaurants, written cookbooks and visited home kitchens around the world to discover local flavors. Aliya always reminds us that “good food is all about flavors, and healthy doesn’t mean bland”. We know she’s right because we get to try her food a lot. Aliya brings a whole new approach to the comforting taste of healthy home cooking and that makes her the Queen of Our Taste Buds, and yours’ too.

What The People Say