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Honey Soy Salmon

Honey Soy Salmon

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w/ Brown Rice, Scallions and Ginger Carrots
Get ready to dive into the deep end of flavor with our honey-soy glazed salmon. We've added a savory, sweet kick to perfectly cooked Faroe Island salmon with our raw local honey and low-sodium soy glaze. Served with ginger carrots, and brown basmati, this is a meal you won't want to put down.
Salmon, Carrots, Brown Rice, Scallion or Spring Green Onion, Orange Juice, Honey, Tamari (Water, Organic Soybeans, Salt, Organic Alcohol), Grass-fed Butter, Organic Ginger Root, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Garlic Clove, Organic Orange Peel (Zest), Pepper, Organic Red Pepper Flakes. Contains: Soy, Fish, Milk

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