Real Rewards

This document outlines the terms of service for Real Rewards and by joining the program, you (the customer) are agreeing to these terms of service.

Real Rewards is a loyalty program aimed at rewarding customers for their ongoing purchases. Customers will earn points for every dollar they spend, excluding taxes and shipping fees. Points will be automatically awarded for each non-canceled order made directly with RealEats and will accumulate over a rolling 12-month period; and can be redeemed in 250 points ($5) increments to the customer’s next available order. RealEats will redeem the oldest points held by a customer first. Unused points will expire upon the sooner of the cancelation of the customer’s RealEats account or 365 days after any point is awarded at 11:59 PM ET. Points cannot be redeemed for cash or offered in lieu of a cash refund. Promotional point offers may expire sooner than 365 days after they are awarded as defined in the specific terms of each promotional offer.

Customer “spend” is defined as the gross list price of the product less discounts and promotional credits applied (excludes shipping fees and sales taxes).


  • Customers must have a non-canceled RealEats account in order to earn and retain points
  • The award of points is based upon the amount of dollars the customer spends. Points are redeemable in 250-point increments
  • Points can be combined with promotional discounts, account credits, and free shipping offers
    • Order of applied discounts > promotional discounts/codes> account credits> point redemption
    • Discounts automatically apply to the customer’s next available order
  • Unredeemed points expire upon the sooner of the cancellation of a customer’s RealEats account or at 11:59 ET 365 days after they are awarded
  • Points achieve additional multipliers based on customer spend and status
    • Bronze - 1 point per $1 spent
      • Customer spends $1 - $499 in a rolling calendar year
    • Silver - 1.25 points per $1 spent
      • Customer spends $500 - $899 in a rolling calendar year
    • Gold - 1.5 points per $1 spent
      • Customer spends $900+ in a rolling calendar year
  • Additional points may be granted on certain milestones (RealEats Customer Anniversary, customer birthdays, etc.)
  • Customers may earn additional points by referring new customers to RealEats
    • Only applies to the referred customer’s first order
    • Points are issued once the referred customer’s order has been paid
    • If the referred customer cancels their first order, the points applied points will be reversed
    • Referral points may not be granted if the referring customer is placing their code on coupon websites, or unapproved social sharing sites
  • Points will not replace refunds or credits
  • Points may be used as an “apology” for a poor experience or as a “thank you” for loyalty
  • Points may not be redeemed for cash or offered in lieu of a cash refund
  • When a refund is issued any awarded points associated with that transaction will be deducted from the customer’s points bank
  • Points used for a purchase that is refunded will be returned to the customer’s points bank
  • If fraudulent activity is discovered, RealEats may cancel the customer’s Real Rewards account and nullify all points
  • RealEats purchases through third parties are not eligible to earn points